Skills and Development - Oldham

Manufacturing remains Oldham’s largest sector, despite some recent contraction. Oldham’s economic base also contains engineering and retail. Growth sectors include financial and professional services, creative services, construction and sport.

Oldham is physically situated in a pivotal position between the cities of Manchester and Leeds. As of March 2015 Oldham’s population stood at 227,300, with a younger age profile than the Greater Manchester average (statistics courtesy of New Economy Manchester).

Below are some key figures highlighting the work of our Skills team in Oldham:

  • 332 Chamber members

  • 112 individuals engaged in the Employer Ownership of Skills (EOS) programme

  • 8 Apprenticeship Grants for Employers (AGE) provided

  • 84 Skills Reviews conducted

  • 434 training plans created

  • 358 employers engaged through the Growth and Innovation Fund

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