Skills and Development - Salford

With a population of 239,000 (March 2015), Salford is one of the two cities at the heart of Greater Manchester. The area is home to two of GM’s major economic assets: Salford Central and Salford Quays. The Salford Quays redevelopment, begun in the 1980s, was one of GM’s first major physical regeneration projects.

The majority of Salford businesses are medium to large-sized, and the city has the second-highest proportion of large-sized businesses in GM (statistics courtesy of New Economy Manchester).

Below are some key figures highlighting the work of our Skills team in Salford:

  • 340 Chamber members

  • 159 individuals engaged in the Employer Ownership of Skills (EOS) programme

  • 39 Occupational Competency Reviews undertaken

  • 64 Skills Reviews conducted

  • 271 training plans created

  • 366 employers engaged through the Growth and Innovation Fund

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