National Issues


  • There should be continuing opportunity to feedback to national government.

  • Work must continue around providing Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce members with a digest of the issues and policies following the progress of Brexit.

  • Chamber to look at how we can continue to promote international trade – marketing campaign highlighting support available (numbers of export documents etc.)

  • When appropriate, engage with members to identify core elements of what a 'new' trade deal should consist of.

  • Concerns exist about EU funding and research at universities because of Brexit. We should not make it difficult for students to study in the UK.

  • Undertake survey work with members (online and via interactive sessions). This should cover those that currently trade overseas to assess any immediate impact and also look at wider implications in the business community.

  • Set up a series of 'Brexit' events.


  • This is intrinsically linked with much of the activity around Brexit but is a distinct topic in its own right. Concerns from business centre around staffing and the potential outflow/relocation of EU nationals – which in turn brings in the issues around skills and training. 

Northern Powerhouse

  • We must make sure that the Powerhouse remains high on the Westminster agenda and does not get dwarfed by the attention around Brexit.

  • It is vital that there is acknowledgement that there are national economic benefits from investment in the north of England.

  • The Chamber must engage with other northern Chambers to provide a united voice. Work has started with West and North Yorkshire and Liverpool but should be stepped up on the back of the Autumn Statement.

  • Integrated transport and energy policy – this must be acknowledged by central government based around a 10-year plan to take this ‘outside’ of normal political timetables.

  • To make people aware that Northern Powerhouse is about digital infrastructure as well as transport.

  • Redrafted Northern Powerhouse statement/position paper from the Chamber

Industrial Strategy

  • The Chamber should have a view on industrial strategies and develop a line and stance on this. Should it be sector-based or could the Northern Powerhouse be classed as an industrial strategy?

  • Cross-parliamentary support is required for issues such as National Health Service and infrastructure. This would help define and clarify strategic elements and approaches to industrial economic activity.