Improve Team Work and Recruiting with Psychometrics

Course Description

The success of a business relies on having an effective team that work together collaboratively at all levels of the organisation. When employees fail to work as a team, business initiatives and goals become more difficult to attain.

A first step for leaders hoping to turn that around is to identify the right candidate for the job at the recruitment stage and secondly identifying the differing styles of their team members and understand what makes each individual tick.

Psychometrics are an objective tool that measure individual’s skills, abilities or personality. By understanding these traits, you can see how job roles reflect individual’s skill sets, so that appropriate training needs can be identified. Thus, building teams of individuals who work harmoniously and productively to reach business initiatives and goals.

You will learn:

  • What psychometrics are

  • What can they do

  • How to use them effectively

  • What the Golden ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ are

  • How to use them at the individual level

  • How to use them at the team level

  • The sustainability of psychometric

Who is this suitable for?

Business owners, senior managers, HR professions who do not have a qualification or background in psychometric tests and who are interested in learning more.


All the materials will be provided including refreshments and after-course support.

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