Digital Infrastructure Group

What We Do

The Chamber's Digital Infrastructure Group consists of a small number of businesses and business organisations who are campaigning to raise awareness of, and demand for, the benefits of next generation digital connectivity - faster, more reliable and less-contested links to the global economy.

The Digital Infrastructure Team

The Chair of the Group is Felicity Goodey of University Hospital South Manchester.

Vice Chair of the Group is Chris Birch of Axon Birch.

Members of the Group include: The New Economy Manchester, Manchester Digital, Manchester Digital Development Agency and several private sector representatives.

The Chamber representative involved in the Digital Infrastructure Group is Matthew Kershaw:

Our Activity

The group is currently undertaking three main strands of activity:

1) Stimulating demand for next generation digital connectivity amongst the Greater Manchester business community, and ensuring that the demand is met by an open and competitive market.

  • We are raising awareness of the possibilities that next generation connectivity opens up to ALL members of the business community.

  • We are gathering evidence from businesses who are hampered by the lack of availability or cost of next generation digital connectivity in their locale.

The Digital Infrastructure Group is currently working with the Property and Construction Committee as they examine the demands that Building Information Modelling will make on their industry. With the use of this methodology being made compulsory for all public sector construction projects in 2016, will businesses in Greater Manchester be excluded from bidding for this work because of their lack of digital network capacity?

2) Lobbying government to remove regulatory and legislative barriers impeding those companies who wish to invest in next generation digital infrastructure.

3) Helping to ensure that any bid for funding to improve the digital infrastructure in Greater Manchester has clear and enthusiastic business support.