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Date: 19/01/2018
Time: 09:00 - 12:30
Borough: Manchester
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Relevant organisations that employ over 250 staff have to produce and publish a report which includes:

the mean and median differences based on the hourly pay rates of female employees compared to male employees
the mean and median difference in bonus payments received by male and female employees
the proportion of male and female employees receiving a bonus payment
the proportion of male and female employees in each pay quartile.

The requirement to produce this report is necessary from April 2017 although organisations will have up to 12 months to publish this information. This event will help your organisation make a positive start on this journey.

Even if you employ less than 250, it is good practice, given the other advantages to your business, to start addressing the issue.

Why this new legislation is being introduced:

according to the Office of National Statistics, the current gender pay gap is approximately 19%
the gender pay gap for women begins from around the age of 30 and is wider in different sectors.
addressing the gender pay gap will help organisations focus more on the equal contribution that both men and women make to their workplaces and will help create fairer working environments.

Outside of the regulatory requirements, there are a number of ways in which organisations will benefit from taking measures to close the gap. For example:

it may help them be viewed more as an employer of choice
it can help improve employee engagement and productivity
staff turnover may be reduced
organisations may better manage and retain their talent base
it can help organisations comply with supply chain initiatives.

This training session will provide delegates with valuable insights into gender pay reporting, the requirements under the Regulations and outlines how organisations can start addressing this requirement.

Location: Piccadilly Gate, Store Street, Manchester

Registration deadline: 18/01/2018

NON MEMBERS £170.00 Excluding VAT
MEMBERS £170.00 Excluding VAT