Greater Manchester Mayoral Election

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Greater Manchester Mayoral Election

4th May 2017 is the date of the election for the first Greater Manchester Mayor.

This is a significant moment in the evolution of the governance structure for Greater Manchester and in the Government’s devolution strategy.

Greater Manchester Chamber has supported the proposal for an elected “metro mayor” for a number of years and has worked extensively with members and others to define positions on several key local issues.

For a snapshot view of the powers the mayor will have and the key issues to consider, click here, or download the full version here

A significant moment in the evolution of the governance structure for Greater Manchester and in the Government’s devolution strategy.

The Role of the Mayor

In October 2016 the Chamber Assembly approved the first draft of its Greater Manchester Mayor Job Description, which it used to help clarify for members the role of the mayor, including the statutory executive duties and a summary of the key competencies and skills members believed were needed to be successful in the role.

The document highlighted the following as being the operational purpose of the mayor:

To lead successfully the future development and growth of Greater Manchester by raising economic performance across all locations to deliver sustainable growth, increase employment opportunities, improve skills levels across the workforce, reduce social and economic inequalities and develop the Greater Manchester brand nationally and overseas.

To be a strong advocate to central government and work collaboratively with other elected mayors in the UK to ensure the continued progress of devolution and the successful delivery of ambitions identified as part of the Northern Powerhouse.

The role of the mayor should also include forging effective links and bilateral agreements with cities across Europe and the World, ensuring that international trade grows and develops alongside future international policy and strategy.

There are five main themes that our members believe outline the focus of the areas of work that the mayor will deliver.

They are:

  1. Business Support, Engagement & Services
  2. Skills
  3. Infrastructure
  4. Planning
  5. Trade

In addition to this our members also outlined the measures of success that they believe the mayor should work towards. They are:

  • Economic impact – measure of employment levels, investment, growth rates
  • Closing the inequality gap especially amongst young people
  • Identify and incorporate the role of Greater Manchester within and as a lead of the Northern Powerhouse
  • Infrastructure – transport, housing, skills, digital – level of investment and progress against targets
  • Financial – budget performance
  • Successful and effective delivery of the Greater Manchester Health & Social Care budget
  • Establish Greater Manchester and its mayor as a leading influence on national policies and international activity that includes the reduction of reliance on Whitehall, greater autonomy and an effective international presence

Click here to read the Campaign Document in full.

Click here to read the GM Chamber Job Description for the Mayor.

Candidates as at 20 March 2017

  • Conservative Party - Sean Anstee
  • Labour Party - Rt Hon Andy Burnham, MP
  • Liberal Democrats - Jane Brophy
  • UKIP- Shneur Odze
  • English Democrats - Stephen Morris
  • Independent - Marcus Farmer