Resource Innovation & Carbon Reduction

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce is the largest and most influential Chamber in the UK and is the recognised voice of business in Greater Manchester.

To promote growth businesses asked for...

  • Informed and accessible advice and support on eco-innovation and resource efficiency
  • Fair pricing, transparency and flexibility in the energy market
  • Help to make Greater Manchester a leading low-carbon area with renewable energy production and commercial spin-off opportunities


Continue to monitor all government activity with reagrd to the roll out of the Green Deal.

Sign up for Friends of the Earth "Clean British Energy" campaign

The Chamber has...

Helped BCC achieve 3500 responses nationally to Energy Survey. Three papers to be produced highlighting Affordability, Certainty and Security of the UK energy market.

Has given support to 178 firms across Greater Manchester identifying £4.8m savings; creation of 12 new jobs; safeguarded 111 and generated £13.3m of new or safeguarded sales.

Held a joint meeting between the Green Economy Group and the Property & Construction Committee to ensure that a joint approach is taken on new building regulations to ensure business takes advantage of any opportunities.

Continued to monitor the progress of the Green Deal and its impact on business in Greater Manchester.

Met with BRE to explore possible joint working opportunities to maximise new building technologies.

Fed into the development of BCC Energy Survey to ensure it reflects business concerns accurately.

Green Energy Group quoted in media about new jobs being created within the low carbon sector.

Relaunched the Carbon Reduction Group as the Green Economy Group to actively link economic growth with the drive for a low carbon economy in Greater Manchester with a specific brief to focus on and grow commercial growth opportunities.

Started monitoring the Green Deal and its impact on business. There are potential opportunities arising from this for business development but currently not clear as to what the final version of the Deal will look like.

Raised awareness amongst members around the Government’s cuts in the solar panels feed-in tariff. Co-signed a letter to the Government highlighting the problems this is causing some of our member businesses.

Launched a Green Business Awards scheme awarded honours to two member businesses – EOC UK Ltd and Stagecoach Manchester.

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