Dispute Management Service

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Speak to the Chamber team on 0161 393 4321.

The Chamber's Dispute Management Service is delivered in partnership with Promediate Ltd.

What’s the benefit?

Businesses are increasingly turning to civil mediation rather than going to court and the Chamber is keen to ensure businesses have a trusted mediation option available to them.

The Dispute Management Service offers good value for money coming at a fraction of the cost of legal proceedings and also offering confidentiality, which legal proceedings cannot.

What does the service involve?

There are three distinct strands to this service which will be delivered by Promediate Ltd:

  • Business to Business

Civil mediation is an ideal way for members to sort out disputes with other businesses, rather than going to court. The mediator will speak to the parties over the phone, online, or a settlement meeting can be arranged at the Chamber's premises in Manchester.

  • Business to Employee

Disputes with employees are often best resolved by a mediator from outside the business. The Dispute Resolution Service is there to assist businesses that feel independent, confidential mediation would be the best way to resolve their dispute.

  • Business to Consumer

If you are a business selling to consumers, this service will enable you to comply with the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Directive, which is a new piece of European law.

How much does this service cost?

For business to business and business to employee disputes, the Dispute Management Service operates on a fixed fee per mediation basis, as per the Government’s Civil Mediation Directory Rates. Contact our team to find out more.

How can members access it?

For further information on the Dispute Management Service or for a confidential discussion please contact Chris Taylor on chris.taylor@gmchamber.co.uk or call 07525 731 230.