Member News: Aqua Design Group Wants to Promote Your Business on Twitter

Jul 17th, 2017 - Last updated at Jul 17th, 2017


Stockport based creative business Aqua Design Group wants to help Stockport businesses get seen more on Twitter. Over the past few years their business Twitter accounts have grown to a combined number of over 39,000 followers and they want to now use this to help support and network with the varied businesses that are based in Stockport.

Started a few years ago, #PromoteStockport was created by Aqua Design Group as a weekly shoutout to help promote a variety of businesses, they now want to use their increased numbers on Twitter to do much more.

Starting back up in August, Aqua Design Group want Stockport businesses to use the hashtag every Wednesday to promote their business and retweet those businesses using the hashtag too. It will give Stockport businesses an ideal opportunity to find out more about other businesses in the town, upcoming events and a showcase of products and services.

It doesn’t stop with a retweet. Those Stockport businesses taking part also have the opportunity to win a badge and become the #PromoteStockport Business of the Week, because who doesn’t like a prize and a shiny new badge to put on their website.

To find out about more about #PromoteStockport and Aqua Design Group, visit