Member News: Chamber Members Collaborate with Coaching Conversations

Mar 17th, 2017 - Last updated at Mar 17th, 2017


Ad Florem Ltd recently collaborated with Open Forum Events and The Studio in facilitating a coaching conversations workshop for senior leaders.

  • Ad Florem is a leadership development consultancy that challenges leaders to challenge themselves. They help organisations embed new learning and new ways of thinking to build a high-performance culture based on collaboration and trust.

  • Open Forum Events exists to facilitate, through a series of bespoke events, the development and promotion of new thinking and practical solutions in delivering quality, affordable public services and economic prosperity.

  • The Studio are an independent business owned and managed by its founder directors who REALLY REALLY care that they provide you with the best conference, meeting and training experience.

The CPD-certified workshop, was attended by nine leaders who were keen to find out how to utilise a coaching style to have more productive conversations with their teams. Leaders reported gaining new insights into how to improve their leadership skills.

The half-day workshop introduced the leaders to coaching definitions, skills and frameworks; and provided them with the tools to have coaching conversations with their staff. A key part of the event was ‘having a go’ at a coaching conversation, enabling participants to practice their skills, and be coached by a peer.

Before attending the session, participants struggled with taking quality time out to think, managing perceived ‘difficult’ or unmotivated staff, and staff not taking ownership of their actions.

Feedback showed the practice sessions proved beneficial for the leaders to focus on themselves and their leadership; explore staffing challenges, their thinking and perceptions; and take away actions for positive change.

The leaders reported the workshop had given them:

  • Time to reflect on their personal practice, and receive positive feedback.

  • Practical tips, and support from people in similar situations.

  • New skills in listening/communication and questioning.

  • Good active tips on coaching styles.

  • Confidence to go back and put into practice.

Further workshops will be promoted over the coming months - if you’re keen to book a place or want to discuss how to have better conversations with your team, get in touch with:

Ad Florem Ltd


Tel: 0161 298 1571



Open Forum Events


Tel: 0161 376 9007

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If you’re looking for a unique venue for the best conference, meeting and training experience, get in touch with

The Studio

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