Member News: InBusiness English creates online tests and courses for the maritime industry.

Jun 19th, 2017 - Last updated at Jun 20th, 2017


InBusiness English has over 15 years' experience in the creation and delivery of English language training tests and courses. In 2016, the company partnered with online learning company 'Virtual Training Centre' based in Media City, Manchester.

This partnership has paved the way to a collaborative project to deliver a suite of specialist online tests and courses for the maritime industry. The first of these is an English test which went live in May 2017.

The test is designed as a tool to assist cruise ship companies and agencies to make recruiting and training decisions by assessing the English language competency of employees and potential recruits

InBusiness English started the project with a substantial research stage; finding out about the staffing needs of cruise ship companies, researching international maritime English standards, industry legislation, emergency and medical situations, and researching relevant vocabulary and other technical language needed by crew persons on board a cruise ship.

InBusiness English then set about planning and building the test on Virtual Training Centre’s online platform; combining industry-specific design with well-established English testing principles.

Current market offerings were analysed and it was concluded that a more immersive, contextual approach would allow better and more reliable testing of candidates. A clear and logical interface has been used, incorporating realistic scenarios and audio effects

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The English test is targeted at all major cruise lines and for export worldwide. More English tests and courses are planned for release in the near future; in Maritime English - as well as for other industries such as Aviation, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Hospitality and Customer Service.

InBusiness English strives to create engaging content, combining new technologies with tried and tested learning methodologies. Online platforms are allowing the company to move into this exciting sphere. We would like to hear from any company who has an idea or a proposal for the creation of online learning content. Please talk directly to InBusiness English or Virtual Training Centre for more information.