Member News: Rusholme Bus Depot launches campaign to promote cyclist and driver road safety

Aug 12th, 2017 - Last updated at Aug 12th, 2017


In recent months, cyclists across Manchester have been encouraged to get on their bike and join the European Cycling Challenge – but local business and bus operator, First Manchester, is concerned about the rising number of road incidents involving cyclists and is therefore launching a road safety campaign for its drivers.

According to police reports the junction between Wilmslow Road and Moseley Road in Fallowfield is a hotspot for cycling accidents, where cyclists have been trying to go past on the inside of cars. As a result, First Manchester employees at the Rusholme depot have launched a road safety campaign to help reduce the number of incidents and to help cyclists and drivers understand each other.

In a bid to bring drivers and cyclists together to hear about each other’s concerns when out on Wilmslow Road, First Manchester is calling for local cycling groups to get in touch so that a meeting can be arranged.

Speaking about the road safety initiative, Jo Spagnol, Team Performance Manager at First Manchester in Rusholme, said: “There have been an increasing number of minor incidents where a cyclist has had a near miss with one of our vehicles and we therefore need to do something about this to ensure we can avoid any serious incidents. Our drivers will always ensure that they are driving safely, but we feel that by bringing local cyclists together with our drivers, will help to educate each group about each other’s priorities and mind-set when out on the road.”

Any local cycling groups interested in taking part in the campaign should contact