Bury Hospice

Bury Hospice supports local people and their families to achieve the best possible quality of life at a time when this matters more than ever.

For the past 28 years Bury Hospice has provided exceptional, compassionate palliative and end of life care across the locality of Bury.

Bury Hospice opened its doors in 1991 to people facing a life limiting condition. Since then the Hospice have continued to grow their dedicated specialist team who provide supportive care as well as information to both patients and their families. Currently it provides:

  • Inpatient Care in a modern facility

  • Care At Home with a dedicated home care team

  • Day Patient Care, day visits to enjoy activities and support from medical staff

  • Bereavement support to all the family, friends and anyone from our community in need

It is a common misconception that once you are referred to a hospice you never leave. This is absolutely not the case. Bury Hospice's five year strategic plan will see it moving to be more neighbourhood focused and as Bury Hospice heads towards its 30th anniversary in 2021 it is aiming to develop its service within the community as well as within the hospice itself. 

Bury Hospice realises that many people would much prefer to be in the comfort of their own homes especially when they are unwell. The Hospice's services are geared towards enabling patients to live as they would want to, with support, whether they come into the Hospice to get their symptoms or pain under control, have some respite care to give the family a break or they visit our day patient services, they will go home where they would prefer to be.

Bury Hospice's motto is ‘in the community, for the community, about the community’. Bury Hospice need the support from the community in Bury as without the community it wouldn’t exist. It has nearly 500 valued volunteers who carry out vital work, not only in the Hospice but also in its shops and warehouses. Support from the community, both financial and volunteering, is vital to enable the Hospice Team to carry out their vital service.

If you would like to find out more, please call the fundraising team on 0161 797 1748.