Henshaws supports people living with sight loss and a range of other disabilities to achieve their ambitions and go beyond expectations. It helps to reduce social isolation and increase independence through empowering disabled people to take advantage of opportunities.

Henshaws' dedicated staff and volunteers are essential part of the organisation; they provide support, advice and training, enabling people and their families to build skills, develop confidence, help each other and look forward to a more positive future.

Henshaws work throughout the North of England with a particular focus on visual impairments in the communities across Greater Manchester boroughs. It has particular historical and present day significance in Trafford with its first building opening (a school) in 1837, 182 years ago on what is now the Greater Manchester Police Headquarters. By 1930, the school had 273 pupils, 194 workshop employees, 64 residents and 19 blind instructors.

Henshaws has since evolved to work in the community as sight loss affects an individual’s mobility, which helps prevent barriers to access. In Greater Manchester it works in community hubs across the boroughs and provide support in and around Trafford.

Henshaws also works with children with visual impairments in Liverpool and have a Specialist College, Supported Housing, Community Centres and an Arts & Crafts Centre in Yorkshire. It supports disabled people to be part of their local community. It is  also continually developing technology to support more people, wherever they are, online.