Mellor Country House

Mellor Country House provides a beautiful place in the countryside close to the Derbyshire boarder.

Groups, families, individuals and carers from the most deprived areas of the inner city of Greater Manchester, Salford and Stockport come to stay for a short while some never visiting the countryside before and maybe would not have any break at all.

Mellor Country House has visitors from the very young to the very elderly. The thing they all have in common is they are all in desperate need of a break from their everyday lives. Whether they need to get away from the stress they have to live with of abuse, poverty, neglect, social exclusion, or being a carer who needs to have some time for themselves, Mellor Country House can give them all a haven or bolt hole, where they can find what they are looking for, whatever that might be.

Families can relate to and help each other and learn how to cope from someone who has gone through the same thing as themselves, giving them a better chance of bonding as a family. Youth groups can work together to improve their organisational skills, interview techniques and their hopes for future employment.

Children can play without fear, away from the dangers of the inner-city streets, enjoying swinging in the trees, riding the bikes and enjoying the beautiful scenery around the home, which might be the first experience of the countryside.

Elderly visitors find happiness here with other old folk, reminiscing about past times and looking forward to returning year on year to escape the loneliness, finding their youth again with others in beautiful surroundings. All who visit us leave with feelings of peace and happiness, hope for the future, and good memories to sustain them when they return to their everyday lives.