Ready? Steady? Work!

The Journey to Your Job

In the midst of Britain’s longstanding productivity slump, the problem of matching supply and demand of skills is more important than ever. Many businesses struggle to find the skills they need, and often those skills are simply not available due to a lack of diversity in the routes to work perceived as eligible.

This problem runs right through all tiers of the education system, with future employees often lacking the soft skills needed to be work ready, and many employers being forced to address the issue themselves. By working with all stakeholders in a person’s journey into employment, we hope to address some of these issues and ensure we are not facing similar problems in the future.


  • Work with businesses, schools and education institutions to expose and inform young people, staff and employers to the range of skills and career paths available and assist them in making a fully informed choice.

  • Make young people and businesses aware of recent and upcoming trends in the demand for particular skills and around the development of new jobs and careers of the future.

  • Help to counteract and combat the bias against training as a viable career path among all relevant stakeholders and the wider public.

  • Re-establish the value of genuine apprenticeships and increase business take up.