Campaign for Business 2018/19

The Chamber Assembly has identified a series of campaign issues and activities to focus on throughout 2017.

Set against the backdrop of Brexit and the Mayoral Elections in May, there is set to be some potentially large changes in the landscape and way that businesses operate. With this in mind, and reflecting the greater emphasis on the structure of our policy groups, it is important that all our campaign work is clearly identified at what level it needs actioning and also has defined links and robust engagement with businesses and key decision-makers as part of the process.

There are two major strands of work

  1. Campaign activity on national issues – those that are influenced by central government decisions

  2. Campaign activity at a city region level – those issues that primarily affect Greater Manchester or will/do fall under the remit of the elected mayor

At a city region level, we will put greater focus on local issues too; those of concern to businesses in each of the 10 local Greater Manchester regions. These should form the basis of activity by the Chamber's local business groups engaging with members and the wider business community.