Final Destination

Freight & International Connectivity

Whether it is goods leaving the 'factory gate', or opening access points to overseas markets, all journeys have a final destination. Alongside people and data, the ease of moving freight is a key element to unlocking the growth of the region.

Whilst a balancing act between the three must always be considered when thinking of the obvious transport modes, freight can move in ways that the others cannot, utilising forgotten systems like our canals, but also maximising the transformative effect of new automated and robotic technologies on roads and within distribution centres.

Furthermore, in the context of Brexit, effective management of freight moving through ports and airports is something we are being forced to think about in an unprecedented way. By making sure that freight is considered equally alongside people and data, we can make sure that the trading potential of Greater Manchester is fully unlocked.

Campaign for Business Objectives:

  • Ensure the importance of freight is taken into account when considering wider transport issue and strategies.

  • Identify new solutions for moving freight effectively e.g use of canal network, without taking up excessive transport capacity from other modes.

  • Prioritise access to international gateways for goods and people