On The Move

Tackling congestion and the future of road transport

Congestion and the seemingly never-ending volume of works on the region’s road network not only makes the daily commute a serious barrier to employment and unlocking productivity, but costs businesses time and money. Aside from new infrastructure, making better use of the current network through both quick and long-term fixes must be a priority.

There must also be a serious and concerted effort to develop a best in class electric vehicle infrastructure to develop GM as the leading city for electric vehicles. By working with the relevant bodies we hope to ensure that the road network does not constrain growth in the region, and that the communication between these bodies, businesses and road users is maximised to full effect.

Campaign for Business Objectives:

  • Identify solutions to congestion and work with appropriate authorities to ensure improvements are made in order to reduce cost to business of congestion across the region

  • Develop GM as a leader in use of electric vehicles and make ready appropriate infrastructure to not only support this but the move to greater use of autonomous vehicles.

  • Identify a range of viable and cost effective alternatives to reduce traffic on roads at peak times and work towards their introduction.