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Making GM a smart region.

Amidst the raft of large-scale infrastructure projects, digital infrastructure is too often an afterthought. But with the data requirements of our cities, businesses and homes increasing exponentially, digital considerations must be at the forefront of any major project or strategy in order to enable growth. We hope to foster a culture change in which futureproofing our digital infrastructure across the region becomes a key priority of planning authorities, running right through supply chains, and taking a proactive rather than reactive stance on enabling Greater Manchester to become the first truly smart region.

Campaign for Business Objectives:

  • Enable GM to become the first 'smart region'

  • Ensure mobile connectivity, digital impact and opportunity assessments are an integral part of all infrastructure and construction works.

  • Support the Digital Infrastructure Group’s 'one dig' policy in order to open up available duct for the laying of fibre cable during all major new works.

  • Position GM to attract investment for fibre roll-out and 5G coverage, including supporting case for 5G testbed in GM.


The government recently announced that it had hit its target of making high-speed broadband (at least 24 Mbit/s) available to over 95% of premises in the UK, but how is coverage in your area?

Use our interactive map below to see the latest data for your constituency.

Does the data match your experience? Does your business have problems with broadband speeds? If, so please get in touch with us at research@gmchamber.co.uk