Real Journeys GM

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce is running a campaign to find out the real stories and opinions about transport around Greater Manchester from the business sector, as part of a project by Pamela Czerniecka, a digital marketing intern from the University of Salford.

Each year the Chamber focuses on high-profile or topical issues that affect our members. To find out more about transport issues and how they can be improved, Pamela has conducted interviews with Chamber members and staff. You can read the views of members here and the views of staff here

The launch of Clean Air GM, Bus Consult, and Greater Manchester Combined Authority’s (GMCA) network improvement plans earlier this year have attracted the attention of many businesses. The Chamber would like to build a bigger picture of the issues surrounding public transport and Greater Manchester’s infrastructure. We have spoken to Chamber staff and our members to understand their daily commute and how travel issues affect them. We have created a series of videos to record the #RealJourneysGM of Chamber members and staff and to create a discussion point for everyone else.

We want to hear your views. What kind of transport do you take? Are you experiencing any issues? How do you think these can be improved? Have you got an interesting story to share about your own or your employees’ daily journeys? Please share your stories with us on Twitter @gmchamber or Facebook @greatermanchesterchamber using #RealJourneysGM.

Pamela Czerniecka is a digital marketing intern on a three-month placement at Greater Manchester Chamber as part of her Industrial Collaboration Project for MSc Digital Marketing at the University of Salford. Last year, she decided to take a big step in her career, changing from working in the customer service and education sectors. She is very passionate about issues concerning transport in Greater Manchester, improving public transport and roads to benefit commuters.