GM Social Value Awards

Social Value Mission Statement

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce recognises the importance of social value in terms of the values of our own organisation and the work we do with other businesses, as follows:

• Working together with businesses to grow their resilience to include the development of local skills and jobs

• Positively influencing the number of, and impact volunteers make in communities

• Leading by example and helping guide the quality, type and amount of socially responsible decisions businesses make that have a positive impact in their community.

'Social value' is a way of thinking about how scarce resources are allocated and used. It involves looking beyond the price of each individual contract and looking at what the collective benefit to a community is when a public body chooses to award a contract. We recognise the ‘time in kind’ donated by members who contribute to the following:

• Young Chamber – employers who give their time to present careers talks at schools

• Supporters of our annual GM Arts Prize -

• Attendees who assist the Skills Team with the Department of Education roundtable discussions

• Taking Teaching Further Industry Board attendees

To find out more, contact the Skills Team via email at: