SME Support - Work Force Development

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce is here to help businesses get back on their feet and recover.

Fortunately, the Chamber has received funding to be able to offer help to SMEs struggling to see a clear pathway forward with our free Workforce Development Plans.

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What is the service and how will it benefit my business?

Simply put, you tell us the problems your business is facing in a one-to-one meeting, and we’ll dedicate the time and resources to help you find a solution. Leaving you the free time to focus on your day to day business, without worrying about your future plans.

Meetings can be held digitally, by phone and, in the future, face-to-face.

These meetings will provide you with a platform to analyse how you can develop your workforce to meet your current and future business needs. We help you to identify these specific needs, implement the training required and assess the funding and grants available to your business.

This support and our recommendations are free to access. You'll get the knowledge and insights you need to work on your business without any extra time, or costs, on your behalf.

What are the eligibility requirements? 

To be eligible for support you must:

  • Be a business with 250 or fewer employees

  • Be based in Greater Manchester

  • Have not undergone a development plan already under phase 1 or 2 with GMCC or another provider

How can I book a meeting? 

To book a meeting you can either email,  or alternatively fill in the form below and a member of the team will be in touch with further information to arrange a meeting.