Supporting Campaigns

To support our main themes and recognise the cross-cutting nature of campaign activity it is important that we offer a range of supporting actions that help to achieve our objectives and keep the Chamber’s activity in people’s vision.  The following are three such areas that we will rigorously monitor, work on and engage with businesses to ensure that we have an accurate picture of local economic and business activity as well as being able to honestly represent business needs and ensure that government delivers what is required.


It is vital that the challenging economic environment that has come out of the pandemic is fully understood and taken into account for future decision making. The impact on the economy could be longer and deeper than anticipated. We shall continue to monitor and report on all aspects of local economic growth through our survey work, including the Quarterly Economic Survey (QES), and make appropriate calls for action as required, backed up by accurate and accessible data. Find out more about our QES and Research work here.


We will continue to monitor all aspects of the impact on business created by Brexit and the move to new trade rules with the EU. We will use direct feedback from members in association with survey work to continue to highlight and call for issues to be resolved. Visit our Brexit pages here.


As the UK emerges from the impact of Covid and the demand for more levelling up by government grows, we shall track government announcements and decisions that reflect their manifesto commitment to see parts of the UK outside London and the South East prosper and grow. We will monitor all local plans and strategies to ensure that the views of businesses are represented and taken into account.