Taking Teaching Further

We secured funding from the Department for Education, through the Education and Training Foundation, in partnership with the Greater Manchester Learning Provider Network, to create a free resource and deliver a programme of professional exchange between further education and industry as part of the Taking Teaching Further (TTF) programme.

We were the lead on the development of a Greater Manchester Labour Market Information Electronic Toolkit, which was created to provide an essential teaching resource to help address gender, pay, ethnicity and social mobility gaps, as well as provide up to date information on skills shortages and employment opportunities in Greater Manchester.

During the past 11 months we have facilitated industry boards to share the Greater Manchester Labour Market Information Electronic Toolkit who have tested and provided feedback on the E-toolkit, based on the feedback received from these industry boards, the Greater Manchester Labour Market Information Electronic Toolkit has been finalised.

Here you can view the specific toolkit for your sector:

Childcare and Education 



Engineering and Manufacturing 

Part of this vision was to create a ‘Greater Manchester Labour Market Dashboard’, which takes up to date regional employment and business data, at a local authority level, and gives an overview of growth and decline of opportunities by sector in a web-based interactive format.

You can view the Greater Manchester Labour Market Dashboard here.

As the dashboard is interactive, we hope it will enable the audience to locate where the job opportunities are by job type and sector, as well as being used as a teaching aid in further education, providing students with real time Labour Market Intelligence. 

At the same time, there is an opportunity for stakeholders to come together to look at different skills delivery models across geographies, as well as infrastructure needs such as transport and accessibility to training and jobs. The dashboard can also be used by further education institutions and education providers to determine what sectors they should invest resource in.

Thank you to our funders the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) and all the organisations involved with our Taking Teaching Further Project, for their input and feedback.

This project was funded by the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) through the Taking Teaching Further Programme.