Apprentice Share

Apprentice Share  is the Shared Apprenticeship Programme managed by Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce. Working with high quality companies, training providers and clients, our mission is to create additional apprenticeship opportunities. Initially, we have focused on the construction and engineering sectors but the model can fit any sector.

More clients than ever before are looking for social value when it comes to awarding contracts. In public projects there is now a legal requirement to have social value elements met and this trend in turn is filtering through to private projects.

Apprentice Share exists to help achieve a project's social value requirements by providing an apprentice for the duration of a given project, as opposed to the entirety of the apprenticeship, which can be up to four years.

That means less risk and pressure is put on companies, as they are not the apprentice's legal employer. This flexible approach ensures apprentices do not lose their employment when the subcontractor leaves the project and can be easily placed with another appropriate company to continue their qualification.

By adopting Apprentice Share, all parties benefit. Clients are able to set realistic social value targets, contractors are able to meet their social value requirements and apprentices have the confidence they will not be displaced from their apprenticeship.

If you are an employer wishing to find out more please contact Apprentice Share on 0161 393 4321, email or complete this form

If you are a potential apprentice looking for an opportunity, please see the current vacancies or email your CV to