Formwork Apprentice

Vacancy title: Formwork Apprentice
Date: 20 October 2017
Salary: £5 per hour
Closing date: 1 January 0001

Apprentice Share is an organisation that employs and trains apprentices within the construction industry, with a group of construction companies providing placements for the ‘on-the-job’ training. When a trade or work package finishes on one construction project, Apprentice Share will collaborate with all partners to ensure that the apprentice can continue their training on another site, thus reducing the risk of the apprentice becoming ‘displaced’.

An exciting opportunity for a motivated individual has arisen to work with several construction companies on various projects in and around Greater Manchester.

The first placement is with Kilmartin who are working on a sites in Stockport and Bolton.

Formworkers (also known as shutter joiners) are needed whenever anything is built out of concrete, including bridges, foundations, beams and staircases.

They build a structure on site using wood or put together a metal frame that was made elsewhere. An important part of the job is dismantling the casts without damaging them, so that they can be used again.

A formworker is skilled in the precise measuring, cutting and shaping of wood or metal and also works closely with people pouring the concrete. Once the formwork is built it must be checked for accuracy.

It is the formworker’s responsibility to produce concrete blocks of exactly the right shape and size for whatever they are helping to build.

Job Type: Apprenticeship

Salary: £5.00 /hour


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Location: Stockport
Company: GM Chamber Apprentice Share
Wage: £5 per hour
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