Business Development

Course Description - Cold Calling Made Simple

Making cold calls will always be an important part of the sales process. This workshop will show you the fundamentals of turning cold leads into sales. By the end of the course you should be able to confidently get past gate keepers, get the attention of decision makers and be credible over the phone.

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Course Description - Networking with Confidence and Purpose

To build your career in the contemporary world of work you need  to sharpen your professional image, network effectively and form relationships in which you can have real impact.

This high-energy one-day programme guides you through a series of exercises and insights that will help you build and drive your networking activities to ensure future success. It will give you confidence to become more assertive, to take decisive action, to build and use your network, and to start having real impact at work. You will also learn to enjoy networking and take away eight top tips on effective networking.

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Course Description - Build, Enhance and Maximise Stakeholder Relationships

Every organisation will have a variety of stakeholders, internally and externally, that may vary from project to project and role to role. For effective stakeholder relationships to develop and be maintained, it is important that everyone has the knowledge to identify, manage and influence at all stakeholder levels. Whilst many people may have developed these skills organically there are proven methods and techniques that can be taught to ensure the future success of these relationships.

This session has been designed to teach attendees how to use practical and simple tools to build, enhance and maximise internal and external stakeholder relationships to ensure long-term success. This interactive workshop will cover the initial stages of stakeholder relationships, including first impressions and how to develop a rapport, through to over overcome problems that come with decision making, change, and getting results.

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Course Description - Up-selling and cross-selling

Once you’ve got a customer on board it creates a great opportunity for cross-selling and up-selling other products or services you offer. Also, the more products or services a customer buys from you, the more likely they are return to your company.

This interactive sales training gives you the framework and knowledge to qualify, match and maximise the customers’ needs to the services or products your company offers.

You will leave training with the skills to be successful in cross-selling, up-selling, and overcoming resistance without having to adopt a heavy selling technique.

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