Build, Enhance and Maximise Stakeholder Relationships

Course Description

Every organisation will have a variety of stakeholders, internally and externally, that may vary from project to project and role to role. For effective stakeholder relationships to develop and be maintained, it is important that everyone has the knowledge to identify, manage and influence at all stakeholder levels. Whilst many people may have developed these skills organically there are proven methods and techniques that can be taught to ensure the future success of these relationships.

This session has been designed to teach attendees how to use practical and simple tools to build, enhance and maximise internal and external stakeholder relationships to ensure long-term success. This interactive workshop will cover the initial stages of stakeholder relationships, including first impressions and how to develop a rapport, through to over overcome problems that come with decision making, change, and getting results.

You will learn:

  • The introduction to stakeholder relationships

  • The importance of having strong relationships

  • How to understand, engage and manage different levels of stakeholder - inside and outside your organisation

  • How to build a rapport and a relationship of trust

  • Engaging and influencing stakeholders through effective communication techniques and methodologies

  • What the challenges of building these relationships are and how to overcome them, especially with difficult or complex stakeholders

  • What happens when relationships fail and how to reengage

Who is this suitable for?

It will benefit anyone who needs to engage and influence stakeholders,


All materials will be provided including refreshments.

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