In June 2020 the Chamber published “The Way Forward” as an initial response to the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on the businesses and community of Greater Manchester.

It outlined under 4 headings; Transport, Health, Economy & Community, the current state of affairs, early stage responses and initial thoughts about what would be needed both as assistance, possible new working models and ideas to help offset the damage from the pandemic, whilst introducing new and better ways to do business for the benefit of all.

Since its publication various group meetings, forums, research and papers have been produced both in response to government assistance and new policy ideas as well as working up different ideas and models, inspired by and with input from the business community, to hone in on the key issues and areas of activity that are a priority.

We have now updated the original plan with a series of new actions, asks and priorities for the next phase of the fallout from the pandemic.

At the start of this year and ahead of the then scheduled GM Mayoral election in May we had, following consultation with our members, devised a series of activities around the following Campaign for Business themes: Connectivity & Innovation for Growth, Future of Skills and Brexit.

As the course of the pandemic continues it is becoming more obvious that the immediate future will have to be positioned to one of living with Covid 19  - as opposed to a post-covid recovery plan.

In light of this and building on the original Way Forward document published in June 2020 we are repositioning key campaign elements under the original Campaign for Business themes and updating with other major issues as they have risen since March.  

The first issue we will be focussing on is Digital Poverty.

More details can be found here

A copy of the original Way Forward document can be found here.