GM Business Community

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Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce is offering all businesses who aren’t currently members free access to the GM Business Community so they can use our network and get support from the largest Chamber in the UK.

What’s included?

  • Access to an exclusive online group where you can network with, connect with and support other GM Business Community participants

  • Access to our MyGMCR – a mobile app where you can connect with and direct message fellow business users

  • Access to digital events hosted by the Chamber (excludes sector events)

  • Access to online training and workforce planning

  • Access to free international trade support – including: online export/import readiness assessments, access to our Brexit Hub, one-to-one 25 min consultations with our trade team and a network of UK & global partners to help you shape your international strategy, and access to market opportunities webinars

  • Complimentary token to access one of our local networking events, free of charge – we’ll connect you with our wider network and generate new contacts

Don’t forget, this means you’ll also be a part of the wider British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) network. BCC is in continuous contact with central government, feeding back issues and allowing us to be the voice of business for the region.

Already a GM Chamber member? Why not invite your supply chain or contacts to be a member of GM Business Community, Just send them the link to this page.