The Way Forward

Read 'The Way Forward' our revised 2020 Campaign for Business.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had unparalleled global impact. Across the world communities, businesses and people have all been affected. Some more than others either personally, financially or both.

The severity of the disease and the potential impact on health services necessitated a drastic response by the UK government.

Huge sections of the economy have been put on hold and whilst business has continued, it is at a reduced level.

With the release of “Our Plan to Rebuild” by the government, during May some measures will start to be lifted and guidance in place for  business to ensure health measures are met whilst aiming to kick-start the economy.

This will present several significant challenges – financially, physically, logistically and behaviourally.

This period also presents a huge number of opportunities too. The immediate and ongoing period will present ways to review how people work, how they travel and commute and offer the chance to explore other health and environmental benefits.

The Chamber’s paper sets out, in four themes, some key considerations and actions that should form part of what the future could and should look like. It is based on direct feedback from members, the wider GM business community, current government action and guidelines and that which is expected in the future alongside local conditions and requirements.

It also contains a list of actions that the Chamber will commit to that will ensure ongoing support to keep businesses informed and engaged so that we can help guide policy and decision makers in ensuring that the right decisions are taken.

By its very nature this will change over time however it is useful to have a starting point in place to build on.

There are 4 themes for discussion, feedback and action:

  1. Transport – Getting Moving Safely

  2. Health – Staying Safe

  3. The Economy – Staying Strong and Resilient

  4. Our Communities – Stronger and Better

  5. Working From Home - Updated Guidance & Your Feedback

In addition we have publicised the Chamber's actions to ensure GM's recovery.

These website pages will change and be updated as the situation develops and issues become clearer meaning the input and engagement with businesses and others in Greater Manchester will play a crucial part in this action now and in the future.