Making it happen

It is vital that we use all our contacts and available assets to help with this work. This is a brief outline of those groups we have to hand. The list is not exhaustive but forms the first phase of or engagement activity.

Task groups will be set up for each theme – Transport, Health, Economy, Community. These will be cross sector, using available expertise from membership and other organisations on specific issues.

The Chamber Assembly, sector groups and forums, the wider membership and the GM Business Community will be fully engaged in the setting up of these groups and continued work afterwards.

We will continue to promote evidence and feedback opportunities through steering group sessions and also wider events/forums right across Chamber membership and the GM Business Community to make sure that the work of the groups and the work coming out of them are published and promoted to as wide an audience as possible.

We shall carry on with our existing contact schedule with the Mayor’s Office, GMCA, TfGM the 27 Greater Manchester MPs, the BCC, other business organisations and national government departments.

For more information on the work of the Chamber in tackling the pandemic visit our Covid-19 web pages.

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