Working From Home - Updated Guidance & Your Feedback

On Saturday 1st August the latest changes to government advice to tackling the Covid-19 outbreak go live.

In addition to a number of changes there will be different advice in place around working from home.

From the middle of March the message from government has been for employees to work from home where possible and many employers have followed this with their workforce. However from Saturday the advice will change so that it allows employers, should they choose to do so, to ask their staff to return to the workplace.

This doesn’t mean that everyone will be back in on Monday, but it allows employers the discretion to make the request.

Working from home will still be an option and it may well be that a blend of approaches will be taken.

With increasing concerns around the impact that empty work places are having on city and town centres we are interested to know what you think about this change and whether if you have been operating a work from home policy whether this will continue in full or whether a phased return will be made or maybe longer term plans have been made.

If you are willing to share your thoughts, ideas and how you or your workforce will be working in the future we’d really like to hear from you.

E-mail with the subject Working From Home. All responses will be treated confidentially.