Do you need to drive winning performance in your business?

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Date: 06/02/2019
Time: 8.30am - 5pm
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Location: Marriott Victoria and Albert Hotel, Water Street, Manchester, M3 4JQ

Often wrongly treated like a box ticking exercise, effective performance management is fundamental to achieving a successful future for your business. Performance management is not a fixed sequence of events, but a continuous process that constantly adapts to the needs of the team and the organisation.

The organisation that embraces effective performance management is creating a strategic advantage in the marketplace. The key aim of the performance management process is to develop the team to assist the organisation in achieving its objectives. Appraising team members needs effective performance management This Performance Management course provides all the information and techniques you need to deliver game-changing results in your business through:

  • Aligning & developing your staff with company goals by improving organisational performance
  • Benchmarking challenging targets to improve productivity
  • Promoting open communication to build better relationships
  • Demonstrating clear cost savings by saving management time
  • Building team spirit by ensuring efficiency and consistency in performance
  • Clarifying expectations of employees
  • Defining career paths and promote job satisfaction
  • Improving employee retention and loyalty
  • Creating a strategic advantage in the marketplace
  • Recognising and celebrating great performance

This course is an experiential and immersive day, facilitated by a vastly experienced business leader, who will share knowledge and personal anecdotes with you, helping you to understand from the course how to apply the learning that is needed to drive winning performance.

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MEMBERS £400.00 Excluding VAT