Legalisation and Certification of Documents

What does Certification mean?

Our experienced team can certify a wide variety of documents including export invoices, agency and distributor agreements, packing lists and health certificates to name a few.  Effectively the team certifies that information or a signature on a documents is correct by stamping and signing the documentation you have provided. 

What does Legalisation mean?

The legalisation of a document is performed by an embassy, after the documentation has been certified by our Team.  The legalisation will normally show as an additional postage style stamped on the document.

What can our team can certify, legalise, notarise or arrange Foreign and Commonwealth Office Apostille? 

We can do so for a wide range documents but to give you an overview see the list below:

  • UK Certificates of Origin 

  • Arab-British Certificates of Origin 

  • UK EUR1's

  • International Import Certificates 

  • Algerian Certificate of Free Marketing

  • Freight Invoices 

  • Commercial Invoices 

  • Packing Lists

  • Export Price Lists

  • Health Certificates 

  • Certificates of Conformity

  • Certificates of Free Sale 

  • Hajj Certificates 

  • Certificates of Analysis 

  • Pre-shipment Inspection 

  • Certificates Distributor Agreements 

  • Certificates of Formulation 

  • Engineers Reports 

  • Certificates of Incorporation 

  • Agency Agreements 

  • Powers of Attorney

  • Quality Certificates 

  • Trade Mark Certificates 

  • Certificates of Registration or Incorporation 

  • Force Majeure Certificates 

  • Cargo Manifests 

  • Marine Transport Documents 

  • Certificates of Free Circulation 

  • Memorandum and Articles of Association 

  • Certificates of Change of Name 

  • Deed of Assignment 

  • Letters of Appointment 

  • Certificates of Good Standing 

  • Authorisation of Agents 

  • Sale or Purchase Contracts 

  • Employment and Services Contracts

Do we need to be members of the chamber to use your services?

No, our services can be accessed by both Members and non-Members of the Chamber.

Members of the Chamber, however, can get up to 50% off on most of our documentation services. So if you are thinking to be a regular user, you will save money by joining membership and you will also access a wider range of benefits, to learn more about these, please click here.

How to set up an account 

  1. Make sure you read and understand our Standard Rules

  2. Complete and submit to us a signed copy of a Formal Undertaking & specimen of signatures (if you are authorising more than one person from your business to submit documentation on your behalf). Please ensure you send a physical copy(ies) to our Airport Office at Room 7, Building 308, World Freight Terminal, Manchester Airport M90 5PZ and you can also send scanned copies to Please note you must renew your Formal Undertakings annually.

  3. Register in our e-platform and submit your document(s) electronically.  Whilst we offer a standard service (chamber prints and post documents to you), we strongly recommend companies to use the express service when available (most countries), as this will save you posting time and money.    

Need further information or guidance?

Contact our Airport Office Docs team at 0161 489 3170 or the Elliot House Trade Team at  0161 393 4314, or email them at 

If you need to speak to someone specifically from our team, check our Team's page for further contact details.