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*** Please check the latest changes to our Export Docs services due to COVID-19 here ***

Greater Manchester Chamber is the leading provider of Export Documentation services in the North West. In Greater Manchester, Export Documentation Services are accessible at our office in Elliot House and at our base at The World Freight Terminal at Manchester Airport. You can also apply for a number of documents online through e-z cert.

We can provide advice on worldwide export documentation requirements and trade regulations. As a Chamber member, you can get up to 50% discount on the majority of your documentation. Whether you need Certificates of Origin, EUR 1s, ATRs or ATA Carnets, our experienced team is here to help you.

The Chamber works with over 2,000 exporters a year, processes circa 38,000 documents for approximately 29,000 shipments contributing about circa £787million to the local economy.

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New to using our Certification and Legalisation Services?

Members and non-Members of the Chamber can use our documentation Services. Members of the Chamber, however, can get up to 50% off on most of the documents.  So if you are thinking to be a regular user, you will save money by becoming joining membership and you will also access a wider range of benefits, to learn more about these, please click here.

The below are the key steps to follow if you wish to use our certification and legalisation services:

  • Make sure you read and understand our Standard Rules (see downloadable document above)

  • Complete and submit to us a signed copy of a Formal Undertaking (see above for download). During this time (COVID19), please ensure you send it to our Airport Office at Room 7, Building 308, World Freight Terminal, Manchester Airport M90 5PZ. Please note Formal Undertakings must be renewed annually.

  • Whilst we offer a manual service, during this time, we are requesting for companies to register on our electronic platform. You can register here

Pricing & New Priority Service

As from 1st April 2018, we have introduced a new pricing and a 'priority service' enabling customers to process their documents faster. Check our latest pricing list, please click here