Funded Projects

Greater Manchester Chamber has been involved in a number of trade development projects, some financed by the UK and others by the EU, all aiming at forging strong trade business links between the UK and other parts of the world.

From capacity building programmes aimed at strengthening the institutional capacity of other trade associations and chambers of commerce,  to trade promotion and facilitation, we are open to develop transnational partnerships and be part of consortiums bidding for funded aid activity on the above. 

Some of the activity we have been involved in the last few years:

* Overseas Business Network Initiative (OBNi) - Funded by the UK Government in order to promote growth of UK exports primarily in emerging and developing markets. GM Chamber was the lead coordinator of activities for the North West Region and was part of a national team coordinating efforts across the country; and we also worked closely with other regional chambers of commerce.  During this time more than 1,000 SMEs in the regions accessed practical advice and support in these high growth markets. 

*Global Connect:  A small scale project involving 3 UK chamber of commerce and more than 10+ overseas chambers aimed at strengthening the institutional capacity of UK chambers whilst developing a commercial model to support members entering new markets.

Our team has also had experience with EU funded aid programmes such as AL-Invest and Asia-Invest, which sought to promote stronger bilateral commercial links between the EU and Latin America and Asia.

Current Funded Aid Project Activity:

* Funding Atlantic Network for Blue Economy Technology Transfers (FAN-BEST):

Interested in working with us?   

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