International Trade Information Hub

We know that the landscape of business support can be confusing for a company looking to expand internationally. Greater Manchester Chamber provides general information and advice to both new and experienced exporters or importers. 

Whether you need to understand how to identify a target market for growing your international sales, outsourcing components or raw materials, finding customers/suppliers in overseas markets, our team can help you.

The Chamber offers access to a number of resources including our online international trade library, useful links and databases, and we also work with an extensive network of partners in the UK and overseas, including the Department of International Trade, UK Export Finance, bi-lateral and international Chambers, amongst many others.  It is our aim therefore to make it easy for companies to navigate through the complexities of trading globally and ensuring you are connected to the right advice, services and business opportunities available through our global network.  Save yourself some time and get in touch, the chances are if our team can't help directly, we are likely to know someone who can!

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