Middle East Market Entry

Through the expertise and experience of its professionals, Consultics has developed the right approach, insights and opportunity flow for business to capture the needs of the Middle East markets.

With an extensive network across multiple verticals, great understanding of the regional markets both on commercial and cultural levels and with physical representation in the Middle Eastern region, Consultics address each client with a bespoke approach, providing the necessary business model, opportunities and ultimate growth aligned with the client’s business objectives.

A cross-border structural program is a complex and a unique experience involving a range of internal and external stakeholders with sensitive cultural considerations especially in a market like the Middle East. Consultics has the necessary know-how, diversification approaches and established networks, partnerships, and credibility, as well as the knowledge of the needs of the market, to be able to be to assist and be the driving mechanism for the cross-border expansion of the Great Manchester Chamber members.

If you are interested in entering the Middle East and would like to be connected to Consultics please email exportbritain@gmchamber.co.uk for more information.