Bespoke Export and Import Advice

Our team remains committed in providing support to companies whether you are new or an experienced trader.

Our team and our business network is at hand to help businesses navigate through the new rules of exporting and importing in a Post-Brexit world as well as helping you to capitalise on the opportunities.

Our In-house Team can provide information and general advice and guidance on:

  • General Export/Import support 
  • Export/Import technical queries:
    • What are EORI numbers​?  Do you need a GB , EU or XI EORI numbers?

    • What are incoterms and why are they important?

    • What is a commodity codes, their importance and how do you classify your goods?

    • What duties and taxes do you need to pay when importing or exporting?

    • What new exporting/importing requirements do you need to comply with?  Do you need a customs agent?

    • What are Trade Agreements and how your business can benefit from them?

    • What are Rules of Origin and how they determine preferential and non-preferential market access?

    • What are Special Customs Procedures and how can they benefit your business?

    • What is the New UK Border Control?

    • What is the NI Protocol and how do I move goods via Northern Ireland?

    • Information/signposting to EU Exit Guidance from official sources

    • ​What Export & Import documentation (e.g. EUR1s, UK COOs, ATA Carnets, Import Certificates, Arab COOs, etc)?

​Access In-depth Expertise via our business network

For queries that require in-depth support,  members and non-members can tap into our network of external experts (on chargeable basis).  The below are some of the areas they can cover:

  • What incoterm is right for your specific business model?

  • What export and import customs procedures could my business benefit from?

  • Analysing Special Customs Procedures in the context of your business model (e.g. Inward/Outward Processing, Customs Warehouse, CFSP, etc) - Applications and one-off queries

  • Do you need help understanding new requirements in triangle export/import movements of goods from VAT to Customs and more?  (e.g. UK company sells to EU sister company but ships directly from UK to EU and RoW customers on their behalf)

  • What is AEO and should your business apply for it?

  • Does your business need Export Licences?  Do you need help with applications?

  • Customs and duties

  • Customs compliance

  • Are you struggling with VAT requirements post Brexit? 
  • What new requirements your business needs to consider in terms of packaging, labelling and other?
  • How can your business claim UK origin for goods exported from UK?  What methods of origin can you use? What evidence of origin does your company need to keep to ensure compliance?

  • Do you need help with Postponed VAT Accounting, EEA parent companies with UK subsidiary?

  • Does your business has a robust Foreign Exchange Risk Management Strategy in place?

  • Do you need help with a logistic review of your global operations?


  • Members:  Get up to 3 hrs free advice from our in-house team

  • Non-Members:  Get up to 1 hr free advice from our in-house team

Any additional support or for more complex queries, you can access our bespoke hourly service, our Brexit Audit Service and/or Professional Advice Packages.

What to do next?

Simple, email us at indicating what you need support with, and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.