MyGMCR is a brand-new rewards platform which aims to promote the very best Greater Manchester has to offer. The app and web platform is versatile and multi-purposed, with offers, interactions and analytics to support your business growth.

Download the app: MyGMCR or go to

Features of the app include:

  • The opportunity to place an offer to drive customers to your business

  • Data and statistical analytics to help drive your strategy

  • Location mapping

  • Member-to-member interactions, including messaging features so your customers can contact you directly

  • News, events and updates from your local area, and the opportunity to share yours to the Chamber network

  • Exclusive member-only offers for the platform

How it works

App and Web to support all transactions.

MyGMCR provides two kinds of account: business and user – so your business and your employees can both benefit!

Account Options:


Free for Chamber members. Businesses have their own profiles and the chance to share offers, news and events to other Chamber members.

Check your Inbox! If you have been a member of the Chamber for a while, you will have a business profile waiting for you! You will have received an email from MyGMCR with your username and password.

Simply download the app (Search MyGMCR on the App or Google Play Store), log in and start posting!

If you have not received an email or have joined the Chamber recently, please get in touch with to find out your Unique ID numbers which you will need to access member-only offers and benefits.

Then, simply download the app and sign up!


Free for individual users, the app provides a platform to get discounts, and keep up to date with news and events in the region. You can tie your account to that of your business using your unique Organisational and Member IDs, and ‘follow’ companies to stay on top of their news and offers.

Sign up on the app:

If you have not received your Organisational ID and Member ID from MyGMCR yet, contact to get them!

Sign up:


How do I create my business page?

Firstly, check your inbox (and junk folder) for an e-mail providing your business login details. This will have been sent to your primary contact – if you’re unsure whether you should have one, please get in touch with

If you have one, just use these to login to your profile and get started!

If you don’t, simply ‘Sign up’ after download and fill in your business details. Contact your Account Manager or to find out your unique Member ID which will identify your business as a Chamber Member, and allow you to access member-only offers and discounts.

How do I create my user page?

We’d love your employees to get involved as well and start enjoying the discounts! To sign up, simply download the app, choose ‘user’ and fill out your details.

Please note that you cannot use the same email, username or password for two accounts (business and user), so you may need to choose different details.

Check your email, or contact your Account Manager or for your Organisational ID and Member ID, which will tie the account to your business and to the Chamber.

Simply sign up and you’re ready to start enjoying the offers!

Do I need to use separate email addresses for my business and individual accounts?

Yes, you need to use a separate email address for each account you create, so that they are unique. This also applies to Username and Password fields.

What are the Organisational ID and Member ID numbers for?

The Organisational ID ties your account to the account for Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce and allows you to see Member-only offers, news and events. Your Member ID is to identify your business as a Chamber member, and to allow any employee accounts to be linked to the business account, and so see any news from your business.

How do I upload an offer?

Just log in to your business profile and go to your homepage. Click the ‘Manage Posts’ button which will take you to a post dashboard.

Then, click ‘Create Post’ at the top. Choose whether you want to upload an offer, news piece or event, and fill out the information. Add a picture and submit your post!

Can I message other users?

The app has messaging features built in so that users can message any business that turns on the feature – so it’s easier than ever to contact your favourite businesses, and to interact with your customers!

Users and businesses cannot message or search for other users at present, to ensure protected personal information.