British Muslim Heritage Centre

Our vision is to establish a centre of excellence celebrating Islam’s rich and varied heritage, inspiring all communities to embrace diversity and be instrumental in the shaping of a cohesive society. Our mission is to achieve this by developing pioneering initiatives that promote the rich and diverse Muslim heritage and make it accessible to all.

Our Heritage is the knowledge, beliefs and customs that many generations of Britons and Muslims alike, cherish dearly. The perception is that these values can sometimes be hard to justify through logic, and even harder to see coming together across as rich and diverse a tapestry of our respective pasts. We truly believe that the BMHC project will help forge a richer legacy of our combined heritage over time – the challenge that we at the BMHC wake up for every morning.

Both the iconic BMHC building and our dedicated people have so much to offer. We’re working extremely hard to live up to your expectations and we’re really determined to surpass them.