Chamber Foreign Exchange

Chamber Foreign Exchange is provided by AFEX, who have a rich heritage in pioneering personalised foreign exchange since 1979, becoming one of today’s largest privately owned non-banking providers of global B2B payments and risk management solutions.

They are a trusted partner to more than 35,000 businesses and individuals worldwide, helping clients process payments to more than 180 countries around the clock every day.

Their team of experts provide valuable support that inspires total confidence from their clients in the complex and often volatile world of foreign exchange. With 22 offices around the world and covering all time zones, they offer a comprehensive range of foreign exchange services which seamlessly operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, trading in excess of $20bn in foreign exchange each year.

AFEX opened an office in Manchester at the beginning of 2016, as part of a plan to build a strong base in the north of England. Manchester is really important to AFEX as it has developed long lasting relationships with companies and sporting institutes. They have sponsored St Helens and worked with charities such as The Steve Prescott Foundation. Over the two years that they have been situated in Manchester they have built partnerships on common values, allowing their clients to leverage their knowledge and expertise.

The office is a point of collaboration to help them work with partners and clients and as a strong base in the north of England. They see the region as a core part of their strategy. This office is a commitment to the area and to GMCC members, business partners here and around the North.

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