Date: 12/02/2019
Author: GMCC
Company: GMCC


  1. Slovenia is the most developed economy in Central and Eastern Europe, with a $23,597 GDP per capita in 2017. Annual GDP growth has reached 5.0% in 2017, recovering from the 1.2% in 2010. Forecast for 2018 is slightly lower at 4.7%. 2019 forecast is 3.6%.


  1. Slovenia has the highest purchasing power in CEE compared with Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, and Croatia. Slovenia has GNI, PPP (current international $, billions) of 70.22 (2017).


  1. Slovenia is the 7th safest country in the world (Global Peace Index 2017) and 25th most developed country (HDI 2016). It is also a member of European Union, NATO, OECD, euro-area, and Schengen area.


  1. The imports of goods and services have continued to grow - from 54% of GDP in 2000 to 63% of GDP in 2010 and reaching 73% of GDP in 2017. It is forecasted that imports will continue to grow due to strong domestic demand, which brings new opportunities for UK manufacturers and exporters.


  1. Slovenia has an excellent geographical position if you want to grow your business in the Balkans, as it is a gateway to south eastern European markets. It has strong historical links with the neighbouring markets of Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina due to cultural and linguistical similarities. Slovenia’s unique position also includes access to the Adriatic Sea and European Union too.
  2. Pharmaceuticals, chemicals, machinery, road vehicles and non-ferrous materials were the top UK exports to Slovenian market.


  1. UK goods and services are successful in Slovenia; in 2017, total UK/Slovenia bilateral trade stood at £790mn, up by 2.6% from 2016. UK exports to Slovenia totalled £333mn, up by 5% from 2016. British exports are very well received due to their quality. English is widely spoken in Slovenia, which is a benefit for UK exporters.


  1. Top five opportunities in Slovenia looking ahead to 2030 will be: railway projects, expansion and upgrade of Ljubljana Airport, modernisation of nuclear power plant at Krško, increase in defence & security spending and the Zero Emission Mobility Corridor Slovenia project. There is potential for £150m in UK exports of low carbon technologies.


  1. The Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce can give precise support on doing business in Slovenia – with business associates based in Slovenia, that can give direct, focused advice.


  1. British-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce was voted as Chamber of the year by COBCOE and as best Chamber in Events Management. Their team work and support from the board and DIT Slovenia are making possible, that its Trade Team continues to exceed the results and expectations in the last 2 years.


To find out more about business opportunities in Slovenia, please get in contact with exportbritain@gmchamber.co.uk