46% of Businesses Have Now Suffered a Digital Attack

Date: 19/02/2018
Author: Chamber Train
Company: Chamber Train

46% of businesses have now suffered a digital attack – what are you doing to make sure your data is safe?

In 2017, we saw a number of companies make the headlines for becoming the latest victims to cyber-attacks including Debenhams, Wonga, Three, Abta, Lloyds Banking Group.

However, it’s not just the large corporates that have received these attacks and SMEs are increasingly becoming a target for cyber criminals because they are less likely to have adequate cyber security measures in place. Yet 74% of SMEs questioned do not believe that their business needs this cover, or do not understand how it would protect their business (RSA).

Chamber Train has been running a number of half day training sessions over the last year in response to our members being victims to cyber-attacks. The training outlines the preventative measure that can be implemented to minimise the risk of a cyber-attack.

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