“Action not Soundbites” GM Chamber responds to PM’s speech

Date: 30/06/2020
Author: Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce
Company: Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

In response to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s “New Deal” speech Chris Fletcher, Director of Policy at Greater Manchester Chamber, said: “Much of what the Prime Minister has laid out is to be welcomed and should act as a real boost to the economy with a mix of infrastructure projects and changes to the planning regime.

“The real test though will be of course how much and how quickly this gets delivered. With respect to the PM we have heard a lot of similar sentiment and ambitious statements over the years and in a lot of cases are still waiting for work to start – the Castlefield Corridor in Greater Manchester is a prime example.

“Businesses, workers and communities are facing desperate times and need immediate action not soundbites if the country is to stave off the looming economic impact caused by Coronavirus.

“We need to see strong active government, with no distractions, delivering the structure for recovery in a way we have not seen before, backed up by genuine active involvement from local leaders and communities who know better than anyone in Whitehall where the money should be spent and what projects are priority. Without this the PM’s proposed New Deal could turn into old hat.”