ATA Carnets and Brexit

Date: 26/03/2019
Author: GMCC
Company: GMCC


  1. ATA Carnet document

There a new ATA Carnet document with amendments to the front and back covers

(where the UK was classified as an EU member) to reflect the fact that the UK has officially left the EU.

The new format will be supplied by your issuing Chamber and must be used from 12 April 2019 / D1.

  1. Security rates

The EU is one bloc and therefore one destination for ATA Carnet goods. The single security rate we

will be requiring customers to provide for the bloc is 40 per cent.

  1. Ports and airports

HM Revenue & Customs have been preparing for the ‘no deal’ possibility and are updating a document that lists all ports and airports that are authorised to process ATA Carnet, and gives the opening hours and instructive comments to help you ensure the document is seen and processed by customs at export and re-import.

It is anticipated that this will be regularly updated, especially with regard to additional sites that may

be put into place to facilitate Carnet processing after Brexit. Please contact your issuing Chamber for

further details –

  1. Applying for ATA Carnets before D1 which may involve EU 27 countries

There are a number of scenarios we have explored which relate to the issue of ATA Carnets affected

by the UK’s changing status. There will not be many instances of such cases, but we think it worth

sharing with you nonetheless.

Scenario 1 – UK goods shipped to a third country (e.g. Turkey) before D1 and returning overland via EU (non-working visit to EU) after D1

Scenario 2 – UK goods being shipped to a third country before D1 and returning overland via EU (including a working visit) after D1

Scenario 3 – UK Carnet goods destined to a third country via EU at the “crossover point” (goods arrive in EU before D1 but onward movement to a third country is after D1)

Scenario 4 – UK goods destined to an EU Member State before D1 and returning after D1 (with no ATA Carnet issued or Customs declarations completed)

Please email for more information on ATA Carnets.