BCC launches new international trade programme of virtual events

Date: 26/08/2020
Author: British Chambers of Commerce
Company: British Chambers of Commerce

British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) launches its brand new international trade country focus programme in September. 

This exciting new programme brings together industry figures, government representatives and BCC partners from across the world. It will provide businesses with all the insights, advice and answers they need to fully understand the implications of trading with major international markets that have been identified as priority trading partners for the UK.

Each month will consist of two parts:

Part 1 - Global Leader Insights: a strategic overview

This will be a strategic discussion about current/future trade relations with a senior government representative from the market being featured, moderated by Dr Adam Marshall, BCC Director General.

Part 2 – Global Panel Insights: a deeper dive

 A more in-depth discussion with leading local experts to allow participants to:

  • Explore markets and key sector opportunities to help businesses grow internationally;
  • Access information, advice and answers to perceived barriers for exploring or growing in markets around the world.

Together these two parts will give businesses a thorough understanding of the implications and benefits of trading in major overseas markets.

The programme schedule is as follows:

  • September:  USA Month (more information below)
  • October:  Australia Month
  • November:  Japan / Northern Asia Month (Japan, China, Hong Kong)
  • December:  UAE

September - USA Month 

Part 1 - Global Leader Insights: a strategic overview

“The Future of UK-US Trade Relations”

  • Open to everyone (Chamber Members and non-members)
  • Thursday 10 September
  • 13:30 (UK time)

Join Dr Adam Marshall, BCC Director General, in conversation with Ambassador Robert “Woody” Johnson, US Ambassador to the UK.

BCC is delivering this in association with its newest Global Business Network member, British American Business, a leading transatlantic trade organisation committed to strengthening the economic corridor between the US and the UK by supporting policies and actions that protect and enhance the environment for transatlantic trade and investment on behalf of our members. For more information on this event, click here.

Part 2 – Global Panel Insights: a deep dive

Future industry sector opportunities in the context of a new technology-driven world

  • Open to everyone (Chamber Members and non-members)
  • Tuesday 15 September
  • 16:00 – 17:00 (UK time)

This joint event with British American Business (BABwill look at the future industry sector opportunities in our technology-driven world. 

Panel speakers will be announced shortly and will feature: 

senior business leaders from major US-UK industry sector companies within the BAB membership; 

a senior representative from the Department for International Trade (DIT); and 

experts in US-UK business environment.

Delegates will gain a thorough understanding of the bilateral trade and business opportunities that exist between our two countries. For more information, click here.